May 5th, photo of the day: Jimi + more

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, a todos ustedes!

Here are a smattering of photos of my day.

Renton’s claim to fame is the memorial for Jimi Hendrix. Oh, didn’t you know? Actually, the part I found coolest about this memorial was that other Hendrix family members were also buried here. Including what must have been Jimi’s parents, and grandparents, as well as a woman born in 1883 that must have been a great grandparent. Apparently they were from this area.

A gift left on his words

There are three images of him inside the memorial area, and all are covered in lipstick kisses from his admiring fans.

I love finding these in varying stages of “unfurl”

Tree up shot taken on my walk back from the recycling dumpster

That’s all I have for you today!

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One thought on “May 5th, photo of the day: Jimi + more

  1. Cool! Big Jimi fans in this house, and I even mastered Hey Joe on bass (my hubby plays guitar). Your other pics are gorgeous – that tree is amazing (I have kind of a thing for trees).

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