Scavenger Hunt Sunday: May 6th

Okay, I have to admit this week snuck up on me. Usually I keep these prompts in the back of my mind throughout the week, which means when I see something that would fit, I remember that I need a photo of it!

Also, I was completely unmotivated to take a photo of fish. I searched the area for a Koi Pond, I thought about the Pike Place market, but in the end, fish -alive or dead- just don’t do much for me. So I was



This is one from the archives, my skeleton key necklace


I said, “Isaac, there’s a park I wanted to check out, you want to go with me?” and with that I weaseled him into a tester photo shoot. This is him getting sick of me taking his photo.


Straight out of the camera, and straight into Isaac’s mouth! This gyro was huge!


Like I said, “Fish” was uninspiring for me. However, I found a can of sardines and a package of Swedish Fish at the Dollar Store, and I figured I could do something with one of those in my light box. Of course, as we drove towards home Isaac yelled “Marlin!” and I said “What? Where?” and so we stopped, and I took this photo. Incidentally, if anyone would like an unopened tin of sardines, lemmie know!


11 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday: May 6th

  1. what a crack-up finding the pic of the fish! sounds like my house… my husband often helps me by suggesting his interpretations of the SHS words. Gotta love our men, huh!
    My fave shot = SHADOW. Sundials are so intriguing… don’t think we have one close by? will have to keep my eyes on the lookout.

  2. I love those scavenger hunts – but I always feel like I’m finally getting one done and the time passes to enter. I guess really that shouldn’t matter. Maybe I’ll do my own – getting my hubby involved in it sounds like fun too! LOL The “FISH” sighting is great.

    • That happens to me too, especially with the WordPress weekly challenges. I get around to figuring it out, and that’s exactly when I get an email with “This week’s challenge” reminding me that I missed the last one! doh! I’ve enjoyed this one in particular, since – unlike the month long dailies I was doing for a while- I’m not required to fill the prompt TODAY. I at least have a week to think it over and try different things. Sometimes I even get so lucky as to find two or more prompts a day!

    • Also, you did well with those quote prompts from Nick! I think that would be harder than just a word or two. I’m looking forward to him offering more in the near future. I might take your suggestion and try the ones from the first quotography, we’ll see. :) (It’d be good pratice, anyway. Get me in the right frame of thinking)

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