May 12th, photo of the day: A Sunny Day

It’s been warm and sunny here in the Puget Sound during the last few days, and the streak is supposed to continue through Tuesday! Up until now, we’ve only been honored with one or sometimes two days in a row before the rain and cold move back in.

It’s funny though, because as some of you already know, our apartment is blocked by three giant pine trees on the deck/living room/kitchen side. As I sit here at the kitchen table, I am wearing a sweater and slippers, although it is supposedly in the mid-70’s outside! When I walk into the bedroom I am always surprised to feel the warmth coming in through the window there.

The following photos are from the last time we had warm days, and when Isaac and I visited this shoreline park we both felt as if we were in Southern California! There were so many people, some of them in swimwear enjoying an ice cream cone, and others playing volleyball.

The sun was really bright that day, as you can see, but I love the shadows cast, and even the negative space that is the result of the bright sun, washing out the sky. What do you think?



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