May 19th, photo of the day: It’s a Wrap! (& WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)

Well kids, I tried something new today, something I’ve been meaning to try for a few months.

I made whole wheat tortillas.

I thought it would be hard to do, I was wrong. This is probably the easiest bread-family recipe that I’ve ever made.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, salt, oil.

I got the recipe from 100 Days of Real Food, a blog about cutting out processed food from your diet.

You can see the whole easy-peasy recipe here: Whole Wheat Tortillas

Hello Lovely

This particular little taco gem contains edamame, black beans, tomato, onion, lettuce, olives, cilantro, and homemade guacamole (yes, I made that little lovely too). Ah, so delicious.

They were good plain too, Isaac and I both were eating them as I took them out of the pan!

And a few more:

Doesn’t look so hard, does it?

Oh, and these are also my WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands  submission:

The enjoyment of a tortilla

High Contrast Tortilla

I couldn’t believe how simple these were. The ingredient list is short, they are SUPER delicious, the prep time is about 30 minutes, and you can freeze what you don’t eat. It’s a win-win, and they don’t contain any weird extra ingredients to assist with preservation. There’s no need, these guys won’t last long enough anyway!

In other news, here are few interesting blogs I’ve been reading lately:

Most are part of the ongoing WordCount Blogathon:

Land Guppy Productions

Help! I’m Blogging

Inspired Life

A Discount Ticket to Everywhere


PFM Reports

and a couple that aren’t:

Brigitte’s Banter –  A Gracious Guide to Benevolent Blogging — Five Tips

Giveaway at Magic Onions – They’re giving away $50 gift certificate to Armadillo Dreams, a shop that makes handmade wooden toys.

…I just realized, I forgot to add lime to my taco. Dang! Guess I’ll have to have another one! ;)


4 thoughts on “May 19th, photo of the day: It’s a Wrap! (& WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)

  1. That looks delicious! I tried making pitas once, but that was a flop, and I never moved on to wraps because I thought you needed a special tortilla thingie to make it. I may try it now. Although I don’t have a mixer…hmmm.

    • They are delicious! And don’t worry about the mixer, I don’t have one either. I just used a little extra elbow grease and they turned out fine.
      I tried making pitas too, last week. They turned out okay, though they were too thin. When I cut the middles, to fill them, I would often cut through one side. :/ next time I’ll only make half what the recipe suggests and hopefully that will solve the problem!

      • The pita recipe I tried, the bread came out bitter and tough – too much flour, I think. Ah well!

        I definitely am not the one for baking. Cooking is easier, and more forgiving. :)

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