May 23rd, photo of the day: Snail

Today is another WordCount Blogathon Theme Day! The topic is “if I started blogging today I would…” What would I do differently?

I haven’t been a blogger for very long, barely 4 months at this point.

I started my blog, on something like a whim, when I felt that I needed a better place to share my photos and get feedback about them than what I was getting from Facebook. I can’t remember how I came to WordPress, but I like it here. At least for now, WordPress offers everything I need from a blog site.

So I’ve been thinking about it. What would I have done differently?

The most important thing  I would change is that I would definitely mark my work as my own, from the beginning. I watermark everything I post now, but I didn’t start out doing that. As far as I know no one stole anything from me, but that was a pointless risk to take. I started watermarking my work when my sister encouraged me to do so, at least a month after I’d started blogging.

It seems so obvious now, but I had little idea of how to actually go about the whole blogging thing, and how easy it is to steal and pass off work as one’s own.

Michelle at WordCount compiled a list of newbie mistakes to avoid. You can check them out on her website, HERE

(Sorry, I couldn’t make this photo apply to this topic!)

Anyway, since I started, I’ve started following a number of other blogs on similar topics, both photographers near my level and ones who have been in the business for a years, as well as non-photographer bloggers! All of these have been fun and interesting to read, and many have inspired me to try new  and different things!

For all the bloggers out there, what would YOU do differently, if you started now? Do you have any good tips or advice for a fairly new blogger like me?


2 thoughts on “May 23rd, photo of the day: Snail

  1. Wow, I love your picture of a snail! I’m trying to take better photographs, but I have a long way to go. I signed up for the 365 Project, but I keep forgetting to post my photos. Thanks for the reminder!

    As for the Blogathon theme question, my big advice was to weed through all the blogging advice out there to find what works best for you. If you have a blog designed to build business, this may not be great advice. But if you have a personal blog where your goals are different (finding your voice, improving photography skills, etc.), I think you have more leeway to pick the advice that works best for you.

  2. eeek, a snail! cool photo! you really have to be careful as a photographer, I’ve seen some “wtf” stories about stealing photography work. but hopefully the most of the thieves get caught. :)

    I’m a fairly new blogger myself so I can’t get really smart on this topic. Blogathon is a great lesson for me and I’m really happy that I joined, although I had to sacrifice time for some other things. I’m learning to get better organized (scheduling), I have a better idea about what interests my readers and what does not… regular blogging also makes an impact on my motivation in general – it’s somehow lifting me up. :) BTW, have you joined the BBN community? it’s really helpful for new bloggers and you meet amazing people!

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