May 25th, photo of the day: Long Exposure

Isaac and I just got home (10:30) from Rizal Park in Seattle.

Rizal Park is perfectly situated up on a hill overlooking the convergence of I-5 and I-90 with the Seattle skyscrapers behind.

I’ve been wanting to get up there to take the quintessential Seattle shot since I first heard of it, and today I finally did! I am working on two different challenges this week that have to do with long exposure times, which is why I was motivated to go this week in the first place, but I had to share one with you today anyway!

We arrived just as the sun was setting over the Olympic Mountain Range, making them look like they were on fire. (Which of course I took loads of photos of. Those to come tomorrow) Then we walked into the park a bit further to find the best shot to capture the city lights.

This is the last photo of the night, taken at f/13, for 30 seconds.

I’ll post more tomorrow, but tonight I’m going to bed! ;)


4 thoughts on “May 25th, photo of the day: Long Exposure

  1. AMAZING!!!! I’m in love with this!! I want to try to capture something similar! Just that there’s no “big city” lights around my neck of the woods! lol

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