Straight Out of The Camera Sunday

There are so many different daily photo challenges out there to motivate a person.

The first one I ever participated in was Photo Friday, and I still keep their weekly prompt in mind as I go about my week.

Kent Weakley now hosts (and it was recently hosted by My 3 Boybarians) Sweet Shot Tuesday, a place to show off your favorite photo without being held to a specific prompt.

Another one I like a lot is Scavenger Hunt Sunday at Ramblings and Photos. She gives us 5 prompts to work on each week.

My most recent favorite is Alphabe-Thursday, because I know what the upcoming challenges are going to be and I can think about when I want to do with them. And because Jenny Matlock keeps the rotation going – as soon as Z week is over, it’s right back to A again!

Wednesday seems to be a pretty popular day. There’s Wordless Wednesdays (Project Alicia),  and of course, Wordless Wednesdays with Words (and then, she snapped).  And like Christmas every day hosts a Black and White Wednesday collection.

I was just invited to one on Mondays, called Observing Beauty (Chickens on the Moon) – this week’s subject: Water.

Whew! There are lots of others.

I really enjoy these weekly bits of motivation. Not only that, I enjoy looking through the other contributors; being introduced to blogs I’ve haven’t seen before, as well as finding some of the blogs I already follow participating in these challenges too!

I just learned about SOOC Sunday from Teresa at Eden Hills’s blog. Here is my Straight Out Of The Camera, of Isaac, my mostly ever-present (though not always ever-ready model)

Impromptu photo shoot outside our apartment

Do you know of a weekly prompt collection I don’t have on my list yet?




3 thoughts on “Straight Out of The Camera Sunday

  1. I love all the prompts too… I used to try and keep up. I just have so little free time to just wander … I love watching all the ideas you come up with and your styles. Keeps me motivated to keep trying!

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