Black and White Wednesday

I’ve decided to get back over to Like Christmas Every Day‘s Wednesday photo collection, where I can start focusing more on B&W conversions.

This old car is getting eaten alive by the berry bushes surrounding it!

What do you think?

and  then, she {snapped}Black and White Wednesday


7 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday

  1. Hmm, it does look a little soft. The grass stem in front of the grille is a tad sharper, which suggests to me your camera’s not focusing on the right subject. But even so, it still looks “fuzzy.”

    Does it look like that right out of the box, before you convert it to b/w? Just trying to pinpoint where the problem arises….

    • It does. I think Jen’s right in thinking that it’s too complex of a subject. There’s just too much depth and color variation to properly deal with B&W conversion.

  2. I like the sharpness in the foreground, but if that’s not what you were going for, you might want to get your camera serviced. Thanks for linking up and be sure to tell your friends to “like” your photo on facebook to vote!

  3. Sometimes, like with this, I find that the contrasts in colors are not strong enough to give that sharp clear B&W … it might just be the subject having too much, try going back to some more simple subjects.

    • I’m sure that’s it. It was fairly dark there in the forest (as you can probably tell) There are just some things that I WANT to be black and white, despite being more complex subjects.

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