May 30th, photo of the day: Row home at sunset

Taken from the shore of Lake Springs, just as the sun was setting.

The owner went to fetch his truck, and after he walked away you could still hear the fish flopping around in the bottom of the boat, like they’d waited until he walked far enough away to try to make their escape!


6 thoughts on “May 30th, photo of the day: Row home at sunset

  1. These are great photos. I too have awoken early many mornings to be able to row out in the lake and try to catch some early morning fish. Some of my fondest memories at my cottage. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Oh, I really like the first’s composition – it’s lovely and idyllic. I don’t know how to say this without it sounding like a backhanded insult, so I hope you won’t take offense: if the rowboat was in focus, this would be a stellar image.

    • Thanks for your comments. No offense was taken! Because I can see your point. I do want to go back to this spot and spy on more fishermen. :) I think it also works as it is as well. The fisherman is not necessarily the focal point of the image, rather, he is part of a larger story – a small man in a big world.

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