Alphabe-Thursday: B is for bokeh!

I saw lots of things that start with B this week, but since my blog is primarily about photography, I decided to get out my homemade bokeh lens cover and my colorful Christmas lights. When I tried the bokeh lens cover on my 18-55mm lens (with only a 3.5 aperture opening) it didn’t work so well. However, with my new 50mm 1.8 lens I thought it was time to try it again!

What do you think of my heart bokeh?

The little guy is a creation of my sister, isn’t she creative?

Jenny Matlock


8 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday: B is for bokeh!

  1. Bokeh is da bomb! I’ve always been a shallow depth of field shooter. And nowadays, there are some great little apps that allow you to create bokeh after the fact too.

  2. I have been a fan of bokey before I even knew what it was.

    I think it stemmed from years of laying under the Christmas tree without my glasses…

    Your beautiful hearts over your sisters sweet little critter is just lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!


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