June 30th, photo of the day: She has a Bone to Pick

I didn’t realize I was capturing such an intense feline face when I took this. She clearly has something to say, and is ready to face the consequences of saying it…

Wish I knew what she was thinking right now…

In other news, that’s the bike I used to pedal around. Isn’t it cute? It has a little seat behind the “driver” where either my sister or my bear would sit.



June 29th, photo of the day: You Bug Me!

No, not you. Not anything, actually. I’ve just been an insect/bug paparazzi the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with spending time in actual YARDS as opposed to my dark, man-made deck.

Bugs are fun.

Can you see the spider? ;)

Spiders are so weird up close. They have so many things that look like they could be eyes, and they always seem to be looking right at you.

The one thing I haven’t been able to photograph is snails. Not because they aren’t around, they are everywhere! But as soon as my mom sees one, it’s as good as smooshed already. A shattered shell with bits of goo sticking to it does not a photo make. ;)

June 26th, photo of the day: Under The Sea

As we were heading back towards the ferry terminal on Orcas Island, we stopped in Judd Cove where it offered us a low tide. We were able to walk out pretty far.

First, we saw just one starfish. Then, we saw whole bunches of them! A lot of them were clustered together and on top of each other as though there is strength in numbers for starfish too.

Some exciting news…

A few months ago I joined a group of female photographers on Etsy, and it’s been great!

The Female Photographers of Etsy is a diverse group of female photographers from around the world.

Everyone in the group has something to contribute, most members have been photographers for years, and offer advice – both about photography itself and about how to better sell your photography, to the more newbie-ish folks such as myself.

Last year (before I was a member) they put together a collection of selected photos (taken by members of the group), all based on the theme “New Beginnings.” You can check it out it here, as well as purchase the printed copy for just over $12.

This year’s collection theme is “Hot in The Summer” and they got so many cool and beautiful submissions.

Mine was one of the chosen ones!  Hurrah!

You can see the whole book by clicking on the image below, and treat yourself to a copy! :D