Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 3rd

Good Morning!

This week’s prompts were particularly hard for me, possibly because I came up with them? Maybe I was trying too hard because they were mine.

Anyway, a couple of them are a bit of a stretch, but bare with me this week. :) I’ll do better next time. (well, maybe.)

These cherries were the first of the season, and the sun was catching them in such a lovely way, they were like a lighthouse, lighting the way with their SHINE…

Long exposures in Rizal Park makes cars on I-5 look like they’re going so fast they could fly!

These tomatoes were LEFT in the ‘seconds’ bin because they weren’t up to snuff, but mine tasted just as delicious as the ‘firsts’ AND it had a little extra personality!

I find it to be very PEACEful, wandering through a community garden like this one in Bellevue. The rows of gardens, and how each family plants different things. All these little seedlings preparing for the summer make me happy. :)

My breakfast of PLAIN homemade sourdough and some strawberries might seem boring, but it’s actually the perfect way to start the day

As you may have already noticed, several of these are farmer’s market inspired. I went up to the Phinney Farmer’s Market on Friday for it’s opening day this year!

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19 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 3rd

  1. I loved your prompts, and I really “delved” into the word plain, lol But then I love words and their meanings. I loved your long exposure shot, did you have to stand on a bridge or top of a house to get it? It’s very pretty! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    • Thanks! No, no standing on tops of bridges for me, it’s actually just a perfectly placed park, right above the I-5/I-90 interchange! (I want to see your photos too but I clicked on your name and it took me to a WordPress blog that doesn’t look like it’s been used i a couple months! I’ll try to find you from Ramblings and Photos)

    • Thanks Sarah! You should! It was on my to do list for a long time, and I’m so glad I finally got around to it! Though the photos I took turned out good, I kinda wished I’d taken these long exposure photos back when it got dark earlier. That way I would have been able to catch the rush hour commuters lights, making it that much brighter!

  2. Oh I’m glad I stopped by. First the prompts were great and did challenge one to think about a few of them. – I really like your Fast shot and your Peace shot.

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