June 4th, photo of the day: Macro party!

Today was gloomy out, so I decided to get out my extension tubes and clamps lights for some indoor practice. To collect proper specimens for the project I snuck out to a couple of the  rhododendron bushes around the complex, and raided the refrigerator.

Here are a few of my favorites from today:

a simple cherry

The colorful smudges were serendipitous. These were frozen blueberries, and as they melted they left these lovely purple splotches on the tissue paper that was the backdrop

This one is SOOC – minus the watermark that is

This last one is my SOOC Sunday submission! Head over to Murrieta 365 to see the others!


8 thoughts on “June 4th, photo of the day: Macro party!

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    • Thanks Teresa! It is, and some days that’s what a person needs too!
      Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I was out walking in the neighborhood the other evening when I noticed one of our neighbors herdng three goats away from the road, down their driveway. Now, where I live is far from being considered the country, so it took me by surprise! I had no idea I had goat neighbors! It made me think of you and your goats. :) Since then I’ve been contemplating introducing myself an asking if I can photograph their goats, because I think it would be fun (and a good challenge)! Your goats always seem to have such expressive faces, and antics.

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