June 5th, photo of the day: Phun with Fotoshop

I was inspired by Brian Gaynor‘s recent posts, such as this one, where he applies post processing to his photography to create new and unique versions of his already beautiful photos. He uses Corel, but I’ve known PhotoShop Elements offers some of these techniques as well, and I finally got around to trying some of them out on my own photos today!

You might recognize this cherry from yesterday’s post. It’s such a basic image, it was perfect to apply some of these techniques to.

The original, straight out of the camera

And a few of my favorites from the experimentation:







This is just a drop in the bucket, there is so much more to try! I would like to figure out how to do this sort of thing on my own without using the presets, just for my own knowledge.

Which change is your favorite?

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


6 thoughts on “June 5th, photo of the day: Phun with Fotoshop

  1. Three is my favorite! I love the original shot, and that one just seems to make all the colors brighter and enhances my favorite part about the original: that gorgeous texture on the cherry. Nice work! I love playing around with different elements in graphics.

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