Alphabe-Thursday: C is for Copious Amounts of Cookies

C is for Copious amounts of Cookies because two of my friends’ birthday’s are coming up, so I mixed together a couple batches of cookies to send them. If you know who these friends are, SHHHH don’t tell! ;)

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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These are your classic crinkle cookies, I can’t remember where I found my recipe, but it’s similar to this one (though, this isn’t quite the recipe I use, it should be fine. I might post my recipe later, if I feel like it.)

“Healthy” Chocolate Chip Cookies

I got the recipe for these “healthy” chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie, it’s her Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and you can find it HERE. I substituted water for milk and cashews for the mac nuts (didn’t feel like going back to the store).


Cookie Parade

Jenny Matlock


18 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday: C is for Copious Amounts of Cookies

  1. I wish I were that friend ;). The cookies look really good. You are so talented! Great food photography too. Is it shot on parchment paper? Any fill lights used? I’ve read on Pioneer Woman (a great photographer) to not overuse bokeh in food photography so that the focus in on the food. For the last shot, maybe use some fill-light to reduce the shadow, especially in the center cookie. Hope you don’t mind the critique (you said it was ok in your side bar :D). Feel free to critique my photos too, though I probably already know what they are ;). I just don’t want to fix them right now :D!

    • Thanks Lisa, when is you birthday? I’ll send you a batch! ;)
      First of all, I want to say thanks for mentioning Pioneer Woman. I’d not heard of her, and am now reading through her site! Fun! That makes sense, what she says about bokeh. As much fun as it can be, I could see how it would be distracting on something like food. And second, after reading your comment, I thought I’d give fill-flash a try, having not yet packaged up the aforementioned cookies. I didn’t try it yesterday, but now that you mention the shadow it’s kinda bothering me. :) I’m not sold on how it turned out, the only “off camera” lighting I have that would sort-of work is a pair of clamp lights, and their light is more a yellow color than what was coming in the window on the other side of the cookies, but I’ll see what I do in PSE and post a new photo in a bit! :) Oh, and the backdrop is a piece of white poster board – sold at the dollar store for .50 each!

    • I hope they make it to my friends before they go bad! :/ I sent bread to my sister (stupid idea, I know that now) and she said it got “green and fuzzy” not long after it arrived. Cookies should last longer than bread though, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. What a cornucupia of delicious looking cookies.

    Those crinkles are one of my favorites!

    I hope they make it there safely.

    What a caring friend you are!

    Thanks for linking.


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