June 7th, photo of the day & Photo Friday: Geometric

I was inspired by one of Bryan Peterson‘s many video tutorials to try this. I’ve had the vegetable oil sitting around for quite a while, patiently waiting for me to get my act together, so I’m kind of surprised at myself for actually DOING it finally! ha!

I have a set of extension tubes, which have the tendency to make the whole setup twitch crazily while taking photos, especially when all three of them are on the camera. And so, many of my attempts at this are blurry, which is more frustrating than I can ever explain.  I’m sure if I were to get an actual macro lens I would no longer have to worry about this problem. However, I was able to get a few fun shots, such as today’s photo of the day.

I love how the oil and water don’t mix in such a perfect way. I’m not science-minded at all, but I’m curious how it happens that the oil forms these perfectly round circles. Anyone?

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7 thoughts on “June 7th, photo of the day & Photo Friday: Geometric

  1. I don’t know the scientific reason for the perfectly round circles, but it must have something to do with molecular forces and hydrophobia. Anyways, this is a fun shot and I love the colors behind. So great for Spring! Reminds me of a Sprite ad or something. You should post behind the scenes if you want :). I’m thinking about renting a lens before I purchase. Maybe you might consider if you shoot macro a lot but just can’t commit just yet.

    • I’ll just agree with you on the molecular forces and hydrophobia stuff, and conclude that it’s fun to look at! ;)
      That’s a good thought about renting, I don’t have the funds currently to buy myself a new macro, but renting wouldn’t be too expensive, and I would be able to play! I’ll look into it! Thanks for your comments Lisa!

  2. What a fun shot! I love the bright colors. My favorite spot is the bubbles within the blob of oil at the bottom left.

    I’ve never tried extension tubes, but my macro lens can still be pretty shaky when doing closeups. Well, my hands/arms are the cause of the shakes, not my lens. :) A tripod would help in either situation, I imagine.

    • Hi Marisa! Thanks! I might post a few others from this series in the next week or so. There were a few others that I really liked! I’m not sure what makes the extension tubes move, the tubes go between the lens and the camera body, and so they have to relay information from one to the other, and its something in that process that shifts them. it doesn’t seem like they have many moving parts to move though! That’s a good thought with the tripod, I did have my camera mounted this time (to alleviate as much of the user-caused shake as I could).

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