Travel Theme: Rhythm

Each place has it’s own groove, and this week’s challenge from Ailsa  at Where’s my Backpack is to try to capture that rhythm on film (or SD card, as the case may be).

These photos were taken during my trip to Peru, last November. It was a whirlwind trip of two weeks, and we (Isaac, my friend Ashley, and I) saw and did as much as we could during that short time. We focused out trip primarily on Cusco, with a few days in Lima, and a few days in Aguas Calientes & Machu Picchu.

One hostel we stayed at in Cusco, called Hostel Frankenstein, was owned and run by a German expatriate who, when we asked if he knew what all the decorations being set up in the nearby plaza were for, told us that the people of Peru “like to celebrate themselves” and that they have celebrations everyday for some saint or another. He said he’d long ago given up trying to keep track of all the celebrations. I think he was being funny, he had that kind of sense of humor, but who knows.

Anyway, he wasn’t too far wrong in his evaluation. There was one big nighttime parade the first night we were there, then, over the next few days we ran into several more parades and marches. One Sunday there was a big morning-long celebration.

The colors, the music, the dancing, the shouting. It seemed endless!

You can see from up on the nearby hill that the parade continued down in the plaza

And then, on the other hand, the city was low-key and chill also. People hung out on church steps for hours, and the little colorfully-dressed Incan women and their llamas quietly wandered the streets asking all the tourists “you take a photo?”

Ashley: “What fainting feels like”

You take a photo?

hanging out in the plaza and along the narrow roads nearby is a popular pastime, as well as football (that’s Isaac playing a pickup game with a local boy in a shop)

A llama hanging out on a hillside above Cusco

The rain chases everyone indoors or under the eaves on all the buildings. It doesn’t last long though, and as soon as it stops people are back out in the plaza.



9 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Rhythm

    • Thank you Jen! It was, like I said, a whirlwind trip, but incredibly fun and fantastic. I want to go back, we didn’t make it to so many places – including titcaca. It’s hard though since there are also so many other countries that I’d love to visit, places that I haven’t seen AT ALL (whereas I have seen some of Peru already). It kind of puts Peru at the bottom of the list, but I would still like to return someday. :) Cusco and Aguas Calientes were really great.

  1. Funny that the locals wanted you to take photos! Usually it’s the street photographer who’s shy about asking! I love the drama in the bw picture

    • Well, I guess what I didn’t mention was that they wanted you to PAY for the photos you took of them. Actually, it was kind of sad, that these traditional women come down from their homes in the nearby mountains to pose for photos with the tourists, and that’s how the make their money.

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