June 8th, photo of the day: This could be really bad….

Or, it could be really good.

I discovered actions. You know, like the actions for programs such as Photoshop Elements. I’ve been skeptical, but yesterday I learned how to get them into my PSE, to a place where I can actually use them, and I’ve gone action crazy.

The one on the left is the original, the one on the right has a CoffeeShop Blog action applied to it.

The left is SOOC and the right has a CoffeShop action: Magic Sunset applied.

Seriously, these are so COOL! Who knew?

What do you think of actions?


If you’ve not tried this yourself, I suggest you give it a go. Head over to CoffeeShop or Pioneer Woman to get started!


8 thoughts on “June 8th, photo of the day: This could be really bad….

  1. Do you have Lightroom yet? They have a thing called Presets which are just like actions and allow you to do all kinds of awesome things to your photos. I’m crazy about them. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Lightroom if it’s something you don’t own yet. It’s totally replace PhotoShop for me and I do every single bit of editing in it now.

    • Not really…I have the free disc that came with my PSE, but I have yet to pop it in to the computer yet. I’m just slow to try it out because I’m still learning PSE and I’m not sure I want to mess with a whole new program yet….but I really should, and your comments are making me feel even more like I should, haha. :) I will give it a try soon. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Actions aside, I think the composition in all the photos are wonderful. I think actions are a great time saver for something you do over and over again. I haven’t harnessed the power of actions yet

    • Thank you, Jennie, I’m flattered. I’ve heard good things about several online classes out there (like through PPSOP.com or Clickin Moms), though I have yet to take any myself. I’d say you’re probably already learning a lot, just by taking photos on your own (like reminders of our children, those were fun!)

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