Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 10th

Good Morning!

A couple of these are from the archives, so forgive me, and enjoy!

Black and White

Travel – One of the best parts of traveling is the people you meet. The kids at this school were some of our best buddies and teachers during  my and my friend Nira’s time to Thailand.

Silly – I love the silly about-to-break-into-a-smile expression on my nephew’s face as he zooms toward me with Gramma

B&W – playing with some of the actions I discovered the other day.

Spots – I love the little spots on these rhodies….I honestly didn’t even realize they were there until I was peering through my extension tube at them. Don’t they look like leopard spots?

Paper – The petals on these poppies remind me of paper, they are so delicate and see-through.


10 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 10th

  1. My favs are the power lines, great angle and highlight in the clouds. Also love your nephew’s expression and Grandma’s joy! What beautiful white and red flowers too. Nice soft warm light in the white flowers and great colors in the red flower photo.

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