June 14th, photo of the day: down below

Peering down from level five at the Seattle Library a possible missed connection can be observed.

That which brought these two people to the same place, happens to also be that which now divides them.

Or that’s how it seems to this unseen observer peering down over the railings…:)

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15 thoughts on “June 14th, photo of the day: down below

  1. Great D post. I like your theme for the photo. Missed connections. I wonder how many people’s lives have been affected by them?

  2. What are they looking at in there? Back in the days when my hubby and I were dating he asked me to meet him at a McDonald\’s that is on a corner. I was waiting on one leg of the corner and he was waiting on the other. Luckily I found a payphone and called his cell phone and finally connected with him, otherwise…the rest of history as we know it may never have been. I know I was wondering if I had been stood up…he had to be thinking the same thing.

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