Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 17th

Whew! This week’s prompts were difficult.

Meet Me at the Corner
Mother Nature Meets Technology
One Step at a Time
What’s Wrong with this Picture?
Standing Tall

Meet me at the corner, across from the park, where these three friends are hawking their wares on a warm summer day

I maintain that these should be buried, but they can be pretty, nevertheless…

If you can take a moment and look beyond the lovely model here to the stone steps on the side of the cliff… Those are a part of one of several “highways” into the Incan city of Machu Picchu. There is a drawbridge – perhaps one of the first ever – made of simple logs overs a gap in the stone path (just under Ashley’s left arm). If you happen to trip whilst walking along this “road” you will not merely stub your toe or scrape your knee, but rather you will fall some hundreds of feet down to the valley floor below. Guess those Incans weren’t too afraid of heights, hmm?

Okay, so this isn’t a photo per se, but there is something seriously wrong with it! :D

Standing Tall

And if you want to play along, next week’s challenges are:

Concentric Circles


5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 17th

  1. Super set.
    Oh my gosh your One Step at a Time – That is amazing but would scare me to death, heights bother me a lot now that I’m older.
    Loved your Standing Tall and the Sunset from the Mother Nature Meets Technology shot.

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