Doughnut Party!

Last night, while I was supposed to be doing something else (isn’t that always the way?) I was surfing the internet for something to distract me from the task at hand. What I found was this recipe at Krissy’s Creations for Baked Doughnuts.

It was already later than I would have wanted to start a project, even one as delicious as I knew this one was going to be, so I printed out the recipe and gazed upon Krissy’s photos of these yummy little morsels, vowing to make them myself at some point.

It was my dad was who ultimately convinced me to make them today, since, over the course of talking with him on the phone last night he kept up a whispered refrain of “doughnuts, doughnuts” :)

These ended up being so perfect. Krissy offers two topping options to make along with the doughnuts themselves, and I HAD to try both.

One, is a glaze made of powdered sugar and milk (with sprinkles!):

And the other is a cinnamon sugar dusting:

I had originally planned to have just one or two myself, and then take the rest to the Humane Society with me tomorrow morning. but…there are only *ahem* three left?  = o

Oh dear…


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