Some exciting news…

A few months ago I joined a group of female photographers on Etsy, and it’s been great!

The Female Photographers of Etsy is a diverse group of female photographers from around the world.

Everyone in the group has something to contribute, most members have been photographers for years, and offer advice – both about photography itself and about how to better sell your photography, to the more newbie-ish folks such as myself.

Last year (before I was a member) they put together a collection of selected photos (taken by members of the group), all based on the theme “New Beginnings.” You can check it out it here, as well as purchase the printed copy for just over $12.

This year’s collection theme is “Hot in The Summer” and they got so many cool and beautiful submissions.

Mine was one of the chosen ones!  Hurrah!

You can see the whole book by clicking on the image below, and treat yourself to a copy! :D


7 thoughts on “Some exciting news…

    • I’m not sure…the leaders of the group put it together and edit it, and so I’m sure they just break even. It’s not like we have group dues or anything, but they might have a seed pot for the next collection they put together. *shrug*

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