Alphabe-Thursday: F is for Frolicking Friends…

While visiting my ranger friend Ashley at Redwoods National Park in Northern California recently, we went frolicking in the forests behind her house.

Our socks are over our pants to prevent ticks (*shudder*) from getting to our legs. I think I’m clean, but I still imagine I can feel them  crawling…

Jenny Matlock


Scavenger Hunt Sunday – July 1st

Hanging Around
Funny Face

The most perfect of sunsets

Isn’t he a little sweetie face?

I’ve been working on Nick Exposed and Seeing Spots Photography’s scavenger hunt this month, and one of their prompts is “Clowning Around Upside Down” This was all I could think of for that, and it works well for this Hanging Around” prompt too!

Making funny faces with my niece on a recent pie-delivery mission

So much space up there.

And, because Ashley Sisk has her baby today – Congratulations!  The new link up can be found at Sarah Halstead’s site instead!

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