Alphabe-Thursday: G is for Great Views!

I failed last week and missed the F link-up, but I posted an F post anyway, you can see it here: F is for Frolicking Friends

And yesterday offered a chance to fulfill today’s G post!

Because the day was beautiful and warm, we decided to hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge. Not a rattlesnake in sight, though that could have been due to the throngs of other hikers filling the trail.

Good Grief, there were a lot of people with the same idea as us! Some of them were plodding along gaddingly, while others ran down the trail.

We were first rewarded near the top with this glimpse of the view:

and even more great views greeted us when we hiked the rest of the two miles to the top.

same image as above but with some antiquing added…which do you like better?

And I couldn’t leave without taking a photo of the gobs of people at the top, our 300 closest friends! ;)

Until next time, goodbye!

Jenny Matlock


7 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday: G is for Great Views!

  1. looks quite beautiful & peaceful there. I like the antiquing more, it gives a different feeling, like a whole new view.

    hope you have a great day.

    • Thanks Lissa! It is beautiful there, I’m glad we went, despite the crowds. Apparently its a fairly popular trail, even on non-fourth of July days, so we would have likely seen people no matter when we went. I would have liked to spend more time enjoying the view from the top, it really is quite peaceful. :) I agree with you on the antiquing, I want to try it out on the lake view as well, I’m thinking. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Wow!!! This is gorgeous!!!! I definitely want to go up there!!! I like the normal version better – the vibrant colour works for me!!! How did you do the last photo?? looks fisheye like?? Oh my, I can’t get over how beautiful it is!!! Thanks for sharing Abra – hopefully I’ll one day get the chance to see these views as well!!! :) **

    • Thank you Xandré! It was so perfect up there, everything down to the few fluffy clouds in the sky. When you move to Canada, you should definitely drive down here to see it for yourself (though I’m sure there will be loads of beautiful places to see in the immediate area first…)! There’s more to the hike after this, another 8 miles or so, I’m sure it’s got to be just as lovely! :)
      Oh, and yup, that last one is with my 8mm fisheye – and even with that I still wasn’t able to get all the people!

      • I hope lenses are cheaper in Canada than they are here – I still shoot with the 18-55 kit lense. Can’t afford a new lense yet… :( Looking forward to expanding ever so slightly!!! :) **

  3. Rattlesnake ledge sounds a little scary to me.

    But perhaps that’s cuz I’m not a fan of slithering anything!

    I am, however, a fan of a gorgeous view!

    And this one was great!

    Thanks for sharing it sans snakes!


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