Scavenger Hunt Sunday – July 8th

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Isaac and I went to a nearby lake where they offer an official show, and as a bonus we could see all kinds of fireworks going off unofficially in people’s yards around the lake shore.

when we arrived and were looking for a parking spot, we drove down one street that was completely littered with firework shells, and we both wondered if one might go off under the car as we passed over it! People stared at us from both sides of the street as we carefully made our way along, making it feel like we were in a war zone!

Here are this week’s prompts:

View from Above
Something Tiny

What’s more patriotic than some possibly illegal fireworks?

This is the view from above, on Rattlesnake Ledge of Rattlesnake Lake

This could be viewed one of two ways, the flower pattern itself could be considered mosaic-like, and i applied a PSE effect to give the photo more of a mosaic look to it.

I also like this one, though its less mosaic-like and more abstract

Though it doesn’t look it here, this flower is very tiny.

This little fellow and his family were watching fireworks near me and Isaac on the Fourth of July. He came over to our spot several times, completely comfortable leaning on my leg and looking at my camera. He had the cutest giggle, a fact I learned when I showed him a photo of Isaac and I making faces, and so I took a photo of him, which made him giggle even more. He carefully held my camera (I was watching him of course) and carried it over to show his mom, giggling all the while. Anyway, his happy little face is so vibrant in this photo, he was having such a good time at the park, watching fireworks. :)

You too can participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday! you can see other entries and next week’s prompts here:

Ramblings and Photos

3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – July 8th

  1. Catching up on SHS commenting. – Great set. View from above is just amazing. Where was this taken, I’m not familiar with this area.
    Loved your Tiny shot too – Such a pretty flower.

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