August 1st, photo of the day: Reflections

Wow, this year is going by too fast. Lately I haven’t had as much time as usual to go out and take photos. I miss my camera!

Anyway, here is another photo I am being indecisive about. I love the colors of the boats and their reflections in the first one, but the black and white has more of an impact.

What are your thoughts?



7 thoughts on “August 1st, photo of the day: Reflections

  1. I love the colour of the sky, both in real, and in the reflection, but the bright colours of the boats are a little distracting in my view. Possibly some kind of filter over the middle part would be the solution? The B/W one has its own charm, but the sky isn’t as beautiful…

  2. Hi Abra! Sorry haven’t been to your blog for a while! I like both actually. Just depends on where you’re going to hang it ;). Wonder if it’d look different if the boats weren’t in the center of the photo.

  3. I am torn……I love the dramatic feel of the B&W; however, depending on your decor I would pick either one to hang. It feels like a perfect picture to hang in a study or home office or maybe in vacation home by the water. Either way they are both awesome.

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