August 29th, photo of the day: I’m baack!

Ahhh, it has been TOO LONG! I started a new job, and then a second new job, and them we house-sat a couple times. Oh, and then we moved! I’m tired just remembering it all. For a stretch there we didn’t even have an internet connection!

I’m back now, and excited to explore and photograph our new area. We moved to a small town north of Tacoma, and from what I can tell there are going to be plenty of opportunities for me to turn my camera on!

Below is an oldie, from a few weeks ago. I admittedly haven’t been taking as many photos as I did when I was unemployed, and I’m thinking I might try to actually schedule in some specific Camera-and-Abra time to get myself back into the swing of things.

I have many goals now that our schedules are leveling out, I definitely want to go through all my back log of photos, and I’d like to update and add to my Etsy shop soon too! Stay tuned, hang in there, and don’t give up on me yet!

The best is yet to come! :)


7 thoughts on “August 29th, photo of the day: I’m baack!

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