Sept 20th, photo of the day: Guess that object

This is why I love macro photography. You can get up close and intimate with objects that everyone sees on a daily basis, but from that close up, it appears to be a completely different, and often unrecognizable subject.

Yes, this is clearly a seedpod (Or is it? Hmmm?). There are such amazing details in EVERYTHING – both natural and man-made.

As I always say, just give me 5 square feet of space and you can leave me there for hours. :)


20 thoughts on “Sept 20th, photo of the day: Guess that object

    • Thank you! Oh no, a seedpod isn’t man-made, a seedpod falls into the ‘nature’ category. All I mean to say is that everything, both nature related things and man-made things can look so different when viewed up close. :)

  1. macro-photography (a new term for me!)! what a wonderful way to take a second look at things we take for granted and give only a casual glance to most times. excellent S post!

    • Actually none, I am still working with my extension tubes, usually I stick with the 36mm on my 18-55mm or my 50mm. I think that will have to be my next lens purchase though! :)

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