October 4th, photo of the day: Enjoyable Indecision

I have a terrible wonderful problem. Actually, I’m sure anyone who has ever called themselves a photographer has experienced a similar difficulty.

Here my problem, see. I have a photo that I love, but I’m not sure how I love it BEST.

Tell me what you think, please!

(You might need to click on each photo to enlarge it…it seems the thumbnails are a little blurry for some reason)

The photo…with a few tweaks of my own here and there…

A little vintage-y action called butterscotch…yummy.

…and some straight up vintage fun with a touch of color

Which edit do you prefer, and why? I’m waiting by my computer for your response! ;)


9 thoughts on “October 4th, photo of the day: Enjoyable Indecision

  1. The first image is the best, in my opinion. In the top image the colors look smooth and the whites are not washed out. In the other two the details are lost to greater or lesser degree.
    Are you shooting and editing in the RAW format? Or as jpeg?

  2. I’d put the first one in my kitchen because it’s a bright, happy picture. I’d put the third one in my bathroom or bedroom for a calm, peaceful photo to look at first thing when I get up.

  3. The top one! Lovely!
    I suspect I’d like the truly original photo even better though, as the sky’s a bit greenish even in the top version. But then, I’m a purist, and I find processed photos rarely surpass the originals.

  4. That is always a dilemna. I honestly like them all, but for very different reasons. I certainly like the crispness and clarity of the first shot – it’s very happy. The second and third produce some nostalgia for me. Beautiful, regardless.

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