October 23rd, photo of the day: The Unknown

I found this in my inbox yesterday morning, and I really want to give it a try: How to Create a Ghostly Portrait. How fun would that be?

I was also perusing this article: Give Yourself an Honest Portfolio Review, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m solidly between stages Three and Four. I think my main hurdle is post-processing. I have been playing around in PSE for about 2 years now, but I’m not as comfortable doing things with it as I would like. Perhaps it’s time to take a class….

That being said, I will probably continue to take macro photos of flowers. They are a beautiful, usually readily available, and I love photographing them in unique ways (or at least I try to).  I would like to see if I can get past stage three, and even stage four to get on with stage five. I understand that this means learning loads more, and getting comfortable photographing objects and in ways I’ve never tried before.


4 thoughts on “October 23rd, photo of the day: The Unknown

  1. Pretty. I like your option of going with B&W. It’s funny, but I was taking photos of ducks at a small pond near my home this morning before heading to work. This photo reminded me of that, and I thought how ironic that I would see a picture of what I was photographing just this morning. Neat shot. Thanks for sharing it with us. –Lori

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