New Year’s Eve! + 2013 Calendar Giveaway!

Happy New Year! :D

I know I haven’t been too great at posting here on my blog lately (how many times have I said THAT in the last few months?), but I decided that with the impending change of year, a calendar giveaway might just be in order! :)

I recently received my first calendar orders from Color Inc, and I love how they’ve turned out.

I have several listed in my Etsy shop, you can see them HERE! They are currently 30% off  if you just can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway!


Prize: Your choice of any of my calendars listed in my shop. Such as the one below. I have just the wall-style ones left, with several photos to choose from.

birds over bridge small

The cool thing about all of these calendars is that after the year, (or the month) is over, all you have to do is cut the calendar part off, and you have a lovely print (or set of prints) to frame and hang!


Comment below. I don’t care what you say; tell me which calendar you like best, your new year’s resolution, or what you did this morning. Just say something! I will randomly pick a winner using on Saturday, January 12th.

One entry per person!




Go on, do it now! Wouldn’t you like to win? :D

Leaf Light copy copy


17 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve! + 2013 Calendar Giveaway!

  1. Hi Abra, I like your calendars and would be pleased to place one on my wall. However, I was more interested in how your Esty store is working. I’ve thought about doing one, but haven’t. Do you feel it was worth the effort?

    • Hi Joe! Thanks for stopping by!
      I haven’t had my shop up for long, only about a year. I have not had loads of success as yet, but from talking with others on Etsy, this type of thing takes time. A lot depends on how much advertising, networking, and reaching out the seller does, as well as hoping the right person or people find my shop at the right time.
      I’ve enjoyed having my shop, it’s a place where I can direct people when they express interest in my photography, and I hope eventually I will be getting more sales simply through the site itself. Good luck! Let me know if you do end up with a shop there!

    • Thanks Yolanda!
      How was the sunrise? I did that once too, staying up all night to see the first sunrise of the year. Why it’s different than any other sunrise, I don’t know, but it is. :)

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  3. Oh oh I want one! Pick me! I spent a large portion of my day cleaning jelly off of little fingers and reading kids’ library books. I deserve to win because of that alone.

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  5. Your photos are beautiful and I don’t think it matters which ones you put on a calendar. They’re all creative and appealing. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to post more of your photos this year.

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