To New Beginnings!

Yesterday (or should I say LAST YEAR, haha), I got to see both the last sunrise and the last sunset of 2012. I also was lucky enough to see an actual hummingbird using the hummingbird feeder I have hanging outside! It’s been almost a year since my sister gave it to me, and this little red-headed guy is the first to use it!

I never really did the resolution thing, or if I did it was always in a halfhearted way I knew wouldn’t stick.

This year, I do intend to keep my resolution to complete a 365 project. I will try and post a photo here everyday, but if that’s not achievable I want to at least TAKE a photo every day.

I did so well last year -up until the time I got an actual job- to take some photos each day. With other demands on my time I will have to really focus to get it done.

Here’s my first one for 2013.

dew, droplets

Melting dots of ice

This was taken with my brand-spanking-new 40mm macro lens I got for my birthday. Thank you Jo and Larry! <3

It was a perfect first day, the sun was shining, the ice was melting, the grass was green.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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