January 28th, Day 28: Simplicity and the barn

simplicity wm

I have photographed these ferns in varying stages of life, so why not in death as well?


There is a lovely red barn not too far from our apartment, and I have been meaning to stop and take its photo ever since I first saw it, back in the fall. It looked perfect with the changing trees in the background. Did I take the photo then? no, no, I did not.

Behind the barn there is a large -unnaturally white- apartment complex, which isn’t even visible during the spring and summer months when the trees are in full leaf.

Unfortunately, this time of year it is a VERY visible reminder that we are not in fact in the country, but in the middle of town. And so I wait.

jan 28 wmI was lucky enough to find this angle, in which the apartments behind are out of the frame! I’ve said this before, but I really need to get my act together on photographing things when I see them instead of putting it off! :)