February 23rd, Day 54: Squirrel, Party of Two

Now that we live in an apartment  that offers more bird-appeal I have been able to put my hummingbird feeder to use. In addition, I bought a regular bird feeder, and they are both hanging happily outside.

Also, recently I have been sprinkling bird seed in the grass just beyond our back patio, much to my dog’s chagrin.

dogmeetssquirrel wm

Dog meets Squirrel

He gets all riled up and panicky as though the squirrel is going to be our demise or something. I think they’re kinda cute…

treelove wm

Even a tree needs to be reminded that it’s appreciated

So today I was actually able to crack the sliding door enough to poke my camera lens out. The squirrels were cautious, and ran back to their trees several times, but after I turned my camera’s shutter to ‘quiet’ mode they forgot all about me.

Heeey...whatcha doing??

Heeey…whatcha doing??

squirrel wm

And while I understand none of these photos are going to be award winners, it was a fun process. I enjoyed figuring out how to get to where they were comfortable with me, and getting close enough to the little buggers. I was using my 55-200mm lens, without a tripod (I was laying on my belly on the living room, pointing my lens out through the slightly opened door), and should this opportunity ever present itself again I may try to utilize my gorillapod for more stabilization.

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