March 5th, Day 64: Muffin Dreams

I’ve been experimenting with muffins lately, and I found one in particular, a lemon poppy-seed muffin, that I like a lot.

Technically it’s a cake recipe, but I first made it as regular sized muffins, and they were delicious, light and fluffy, but still kinda too big. So, today I tried them in my mini muffin tins, and they turned out still tasty, but the paper wrappers I used get stuck under the muffin top when you try to peel it off. :/ Very sad, since it detracts from the experience of eating one of these little yummies.

The main thing people seem to like about this recipe though, is how the top gets perfectly crispy while the rest of the muffin stays soft and light. I think the next thing I will try with this recipe is to turn them into cookies, or basically, just the muffin top. So stay tuned!

march 5 wm


7 thoughts on “March 5th, Day 64: Muffin Dreams

    • Good call! I’m trying that method today. Despite how cute or festive the paper cups can be, it takes away from the muffin/cupcake eating experience to have to pick out little pieces of burnt paper as you eat one! :/ Thanks for the suggestion!

  1. Mind sharing the recipe? I love lemon poppy seed and have a whole bottle of seed wanting to be used… I normally only use poppy seed for a sweet summer coleslaw I bring to barbecue’s.

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