March 10th, Day 69: Another Day, Another Cupcake

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, even more than usual. I am going through ingredients like nobody’s business, and find myself in the bulk section of WinCo at least once a week stocking up on staples like flour and sugar. (Note to self: Go to WinCo after work today)

No complaints though! I’m enjoying experimenting with my recipes.

march 10 wm

Today’s treat? Chocolate cupcakes! :)

When I first try a new recipe I like to follow the instructions as closely as possible to get a feel for what each thing brings to the finished product. Then, I like to try substituting vegan (no eggs or dairy) and healthier (applesauce instead of oil, etc) options.

This recipe, for example, originally included whole milk. I had buttermilk, which made the final cake super yummy. Today, I substituted Almond milk, and these taste pretty darn delicious too! Next time I try these I’m thinking I’ll substitute applesauce for some or all of the sugar (1 and a half cups all told), and maybe even whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose white.

Stay tuned! This could get interesting…


2 thoughts on “March 10th, Day 69: Another Day, Another Cupcake

  1. I just subbed almond milk in for regular milk and corn flour for corn meal in a cornbread recipe myself this weekend. Love experimenting with food. Now I kinda want to go make some chocolate cupcakes…

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