March 27th, Day 86: Sweet Trillium

Isaac and I went up to Bridle Trails Park today to do a little hiking.

march 27 wm

march 27 2 wm

march 27 3 wm

In related news, I found something very interesting today, while surfing good ol’ Facebook.

I found one of my very own photos, one that was taken last May, being used as the background image for a meme in a Facebook group.

I’ve contacted the page admin, asking them to remove the image. No one ever asked permission, I only happened across it by luck. I posted it watermarked, but on their meme it appears watermark free. Interesting stuff.

I’m not going to post the meme here, because it contains inappropriate language, but this is my photo, taken May 12, 2012 in Bellevue. If you click it it will link to their page and my photo. They still (24 hours later) haven’t taken down my picture.


(Feel free to comment/report to your heart’s content. I alone haven’t had much effect on them)


2 thoughts on “March 27th, Day 86: Sweet Trillium

  1. Yes unfortunately the bottom watermark is easy enough to crop out.  I’m sorry to hear someone wasn’t giving proper credit!  Lovely little spider in your pic!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. I did go look at the fb site and it’s disgusting what they’ve done to your beautiful photo. It’s a shame there are always going to be people like that around.

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