April 4th, Day 94: My crazy dog and bleeding hearts

Toby and I took a stroll through Milton park today.

One of the fields is getting re-seeded, and so there is a large pile of dirt next to the field in question. Judging by the smell, it was apparently made up primarily of steer manure.

As we got closer, and then as I walked past this pile, Toby lagged behind me and seemed to trip as he walked over the pile. I turned to see how he could have possibly tripped, and saw this:

april 4 2 wm

And this:

april 4 3 wm

My dog was rolling around in a pile of cow poop, like a cat with catnip. Now I know his kryptonite.

And this lovely little cluster was photographed at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.

april 4 wm


One thought on “April 4th, Day 94: My crazy dog and bleeding hearts

  1. I know just how it is. Ruby just couldn’t leave my garden mix (composted) topsoil alone. Why are they like that?! When they’re so sweet all the rest of the time, why do they have to go roll in that stuff? Ruby even tried to EAT it! My sweet pedigreed dog! I’m so glad you hear your dog loses it too when he smells this stuff.

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