April 7th, Day 97: Desperately seeking letters

A B C D E F G…oh, wait I’m missing that one…H I, and that one too…

I’m creating a set of alphabet flash cards for my nephew.

(it was SUPPOSED to be for my niece but she has since outgrown the need for such a thing. I’m slow, I’m sorry, ok? ;) Listening to my nephew recite his ABC’s through the phone the other night made me realize that now would be the perfect time to get my butt in gear and finish this little project of mine for him!)

I have been trying to find intentional letters out in the world; street signs, graffiti, etc, as well as unintentional letters, such as A-frames and cracks in the sidewalk. And as I go through the photos I have, I realize I have the same type faces/colors in multiple letters . I will need to try harder to find more variety!


There are just 12 letter I still need to find. I gotta get my GIKLNOQTWXYZ fix.

I found one more today:



3 thoughts on “April 7th, Day 97: Desperately seeking letters

    • I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project! If it turns out well, I might consider adding it to my Etsy shop for other kiddos learning their letters.

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