April 12th, Day 102: The Writing On the Wall

*Blogger’s note: December 23th, 2013: with the impending conclusion to this year I have gone back to make sure I have in fact taken a photo a day in 2013. I found this old post, from April no less, with all the words but none of the photos. I found the folder containing the photos taken today (it was a fun day too, not sure how I was able to get around not posting them…) and got them in here.*


Don’t give up on me, not yet…

I have been taking photos every day, I have been good about that.

What I have been failing on is posting the photos here on my blog.

Perhaps not as important for my 365 project, but I do feel guilty about it. And, I really ought to be more consistent with my postings to maintain visitation! :D (Please keep coming back, don’t give up on me yet)


A few weeks ago I drove Isaac to work one evening so I could visit a friend. On my way to her place, I stopped at the 34th Street Bridge to take some city photos (I didn’t end up liking them enough to share them here with you), but I did see another photographer walking the railroad tracks to an area covered completely with colorful graffiti.

I made a mental note to research how to get there myself as soon as I got home!

march 27 extra wm

You can see the graffiti way down below

Today, Isaac and I headed down there ourselves.

We felt pretty hard-core, hopping a fence (though turns out we didn’t need to), and walking the tracks below the freeway to get there. It was a little eerie, all the remnants of homeless camps everywhere. There was one spot that still looked inhabited,  complete with a tent.



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