May 13th, Day 133: Flash?

I had a vision for this project, but it did not materialize as I had hoped it would.

We had an unusual storm yesterday, one that came in waves, with periods of sunshine and blue skies in between.

During one of the downpours, I glanced up to see those new old bottles I told you about sitting picturesquely in front of a rain battered window.

I thought I would try to illuminate the raindrops by putting my flash outside (don’t worry, it was in the safety of a plastic box).

may 13 fail wm


I also tried setting the flash inside, one the window ledge, behind and slightly below the desk where the bottles sat.

Well that's something.

Well that’s something.

I tried many things, and I liked certain parts of what the flash was doing to the bottles.

For example, I like how the orange bottle behind the clear bottle to the left highlights the words on the clear bottle. I also like how swirly and mottled the green bottle looks.

may 13 meh wm

You can also see that black liquid in the bottle to the right. What is it? do you know? The label says..Black..something?

I shall persevere (Defined: “Verb. Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success..” Especially that last part. haha…).


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