June 20th, Day 171: Doubles

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year! Hurrah! (okay, before you say anything, I know it technically started today)

Do you have any plans? My dad is coming up for the weekend, so I’m going to be cleaning my apartment, and going grocery shopping. Aren’t you jealous of me getting to clean the bathroom?


Today Toby and I went up to the community garden farm, where I noticed a potentially disturbing thing…doubles.

Three of them, to be exact.

june 20 wm

A double rose

a double daisy

a double daisy

At this point I thought, ‘well, that’s odd. Wonder if that’s connected somehow…” Then I saw this:

june 20 3 wm

a double tomato blossom

What are the chances of three such occurrences in the same general area?  Aside from being neat looking, what do you think?

Should I be concerned?


2 thoughts on “June 20th, Day 171: Doubles

  1. That does indeed seem weird. I wonder though if since you were looking for them, you found them? I don’t think I’ve seen anything double in my garden but now I’m going to look for them and see if any reveal themselves.

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