June 30th, Day 181: That’s all folks

At least as far as the Blogathon is concerned. Today is the final day, with the twitter party and raffle to take place tomorrow.

It’s been fun, and though I don’t feel like I made as many connections with other bloggers as I did last year, I do have a couple new blogs I am looking forward to following beyond the Blogathon!

I think as a bit of a reward to all of us for making it all the way through, Michelle Rafter schedules a fun theme day for the last day of the Blogathon. Today is Word Cloud day, and you can see two of my word clouds below.


It’s easy, all you do is head over to one of these two websites (and there are probably others that offer a similar thing too), type in the URL of your blog, and bingo! It pops out a word cloud worthy of your blog.

It’s fun to see which words show up largest, indicating what I talk about the most!

tagxedo 2

At Tagxedo,com you can chose from a wide variety of shapes for your cloud (Including an actual cloud shape!)

Isn’t it sweet to have that feeling of accomplishment when completing something like this?

june 30 wm

Coconut Cookies with Lemon Glaze made by yours truly, this morning!

The WordCount Blogathon

In two days I will be exactly halfway through my own year-long project as well. This is around the time last year that I went into a little lack-of-enthusiasm slump, so I will be paying special attention to not falling into it again!


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