July 4th, Day 185: Only Our Dog…

Happy Fourth of July!

I was curious to see how our dog Toby would react to all the fireworks today, since this will be our first independence day together.

Despite how high strung he can be with the squirrels, birds, other dogs, and people that he finds to bark at around here,  he acted as though he didn’t even hear the fireworks going off all around our apartment, all day long.

So that’s good news!

We also tried taking him swimming in the lake today. He’s part Yellow Retriever. You’d think he would love water, right?

june 4 4 wm

Well, no.

It actually seems he hasn’t had a lot of experience with water, in fact. Though he’s six years old, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with water.

He couldn’t figure out how to simply paddle out to us. He was dancing on his back legs, splashing all around.

Only when Isaac picked him, and carried him out to the deeper part did Toby do a real “doggie paddle” (as quick as he could, of course) back to shore.

Pretty funny to watch, actually. And he did get better as we worked with him.

He didn’t even flinch when a neighbor shot some giant firecracker INTO the lake, creating what looked to be a bomb going off underwater. Good times.

***Please note: No Tobys were harmed in the making of this post***


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