September 11th, Day 254: Letters

As the day my sister, niece, and nephew will be arriving quickly approaches, I am reminded by the unfinished stack of letters that I need to find just a handful more of letters to complete the project. My goal at this point is to have it done before my nephew’s voice changes, haha.

Toby and I walked around the neighborhood, the missing letters printed in sharpie on the back of my hand for easy reference.

I was prepared to either explain my project to anyone who approached me with suspicion, or to just say I was on a letter scavenger hunt, and was down to the last few!

I want each letter to be from a different source, no repeats, but today’s goal was simply to SEE the letters I need.


I was successful in finding all letters, but some are from the same street sign/lid/advertisement/playstructure.

But forcing myself to see the letters really helped. I think I will be able to use at least four of today’s finds.


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