October 1st-7th, Days 274-280

I’ve decided to make a change. I’m down to the last few months of my 365 project. And though I have been taking photos every day, I have not been very good about posting them until days or weeks later, often inundating your email in-boxes with a slew of “daily” postings at a time.

From here on out, I plan to offer you a weekly collection of my daily photos. If something particularly awesome happens, or I have a photo I’m extra proud of, I’ll be adding an email posting for that specific day. Otherwise, I will no longer be holding out/bombarding you with messages.

Here ’til the end,


October 1st

oct 1 wm

October 2nd

oct 2 wm

October 3rd

oct 3 wm

October 4th

oct 4 wm

October 5th

Happy Birthday Isaac!

October  6th

oct 6 wm

October 7th

oct 7 wm


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