October 22nd-28th, Days 295-301

Tuesday, October 22nd

Wednesday, October 23rd

Thursday, October 24th

Friday, October 25th

Saturday, October 26th

FINALLY, my Romanesco Broccoli is starting to grow actual crowns. Since I transplanted them into my community garden plot (from a pot behind our apartment) they’ve been growing like crazy, taking over the whole middle section of the garden. And finally I’m starting to see these! So very cool to have grown such an interesting plant from seed.

More photos as this one and others get bigger (and to pickable size).

Sunday, October 27th

oct 27 1 wm

Moments before my dog went bat-shit crazy at a horse trotting by, I was down in the dirt trying to take photos of this patch of mushrooms along the road. Seriously dude, what did that horse ever do to you??

Monday, October 28th

And today’s Macro Monday:

macro monday 1028 both


3 thoughts on “October 22nd-28th, Days 295-301

  1. Love, love, LOVE! You just keep getting better and better! I’m thinking that I need to get 3 more photos from you to do 4 seasons in my bedroom: one for fall, winter, and summer, to go with the red flower photo that I got from you earlier. New place = new art! Let me know what you think (I will pay you of course!)!

    • Thank you! So exciting you have a place to yourself now! I love the idea, though I may have to visit you in the snowy tundra of California for a proper ‘winter’ photo!

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