November 5th-11th, Days 309-315

This week I wanted to focus on finding interesting mushrooms (I’m still on the hunt for the elusive Amanita Muscaria) for a project I’m working on. There are mushrooms growing EVERYWHERE around here, and this project has really opened my eyes to the variety of fungus out there!

Tuesday, November 5th

nov 5 wm

Wednesday, November 6th

nov 6 wm

Thursday, November 7th

Friday, November 8th

nov 8 wm

Saturday, November 9th

Today Isaac and I drove over to Spokane for an impromptu visit. As it happens, we got to see Emi’s recital!

Sunday, November 10th

We didn’t leave Spokane until after the sun went down, so by the time we got home I had little interest in hunting down mushrooms (though I’m sure there are interesting nocturnal varieties I have yet to learn about)

nov 10 wm

Monday, November 11th

Back to the mushroom hunt today! Toby and I went out to all the places I could remember seeing mushrooms before.

And the search continues…


3 thoughts on “November 5th-11th, Days 309-315

    • Its so true! They also come in so many more colors than i ever thought, and like many things in nature, the brighter colors equals greater chance of death! Lucky for me im not interested in eating them, just phoographing them.

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