November 12th-18th, Days 316-322

More mushrooms for you this week, though yesterday I was out hiking through the woods when it hit me. Mushrooms aren’t so easy to spot under this thick layer of fallen leaves. As the end fall nears (or has it already passed?), I don’t think there will be much more mushroom searches for me. I may have missed my chance to find the elusive fly agaric. *sigh*

Next year, mushroom, next year I’ll get you.

Tuesday, November 12th

nov 12 wmWednesday, November 13th

nov 13 wm

Thursday, November 14th

nov 14 wm

Friday, November 15th

No feeling so creative tonight, after over an hour and a half of this on the way home. Abra + Traffic = CRANKY!!

nov 15 wm

Saturday, November 16th

This book has been my companion for the last few days, trying to locate the elusive red-capped mushrooms.

nov 16 wm

Sunday, November 17th

nov 17 wm

Monday, November 18th

Aaaand this week’s Macro Monday!

macro monday 1118 both


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